[Morningstar Rising]: 113.Shay's Five Words

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2007-01-30 01:30:03
Shays Five Words
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     Sitting down at the piano Brenda taps on the keys angrily, as her thoughts run wildly through her agitated mind. The events of the past few days have cramped her mind up something fearce. Taking up space she feels can be used for better things, like getting to know the new boy in school. 'I hate doctors! They think they know everything. To hear mom talk one would think I'm dying. Man she just needs to stepoff and leave me the freak alone already. So what! I can't help it if I hate taking freaken piano lessons. I mean really who does. This is so wrong man, forcing this shit on me. Bipolar disorder my freaken foot! There ain't nothing wrong with me. I'm just a normal typical teenager rebeling against the system, my freaken folks.' The scent of frankincence incence flowing through the living room soothes her somewhat. She gathers herself up, shakes off her demons and proceeds to play the piano. Moments later the sound of the Phantom of the Opera fills the room, resounding through out the house, making her smile.

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