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Shay's Five Words March
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     The pebble, the pebble, was what I had heard all of my life growing up. My father had been a lancer in the service of the Royal Temple of AisLinn, the first wielder of the pebble of legacy. I heard him complain on many a cold winter's night, sitting by the fireplace. 'How can that mere child, that only knows how to make googly eyes at all that pass by, be the next bearer of the legacy. It's not right, she is not of royal blood like Lady AisLinn had been.' I had no illusions of my father, for he was a brutal man not only in stature, but also in physical force. My father took his duties as lead lancer very seriously, his duty was to the temple and the child of legacy, even if he did not approve of her stature in life. My father died a brutal death some years past, he died protecting the child with the googly eyes. Now I stand here in the Temple of AisLinn awaiting for my placement. I have followed in my father's wake, a lancer by birth is my right. I expected to see the child of my fathers tales, the child with the googly eyes, but instead before me stood the most beautiful young maiden I had ever laid my eyes upon. I knew then that I would forever stand by her side. I knew that I would protect the bearer of the pebble of legacy. The wielder of the powers that only she could control, with my very life.   

2007-03-12 Jenna Rose: This is a lot more serious than mine :P But I really like it! Read mine? 150.Contest Entries.Five Words - March

2007-03-12 Morningstar Rising: thanks, it took me about 10 minutes to do.

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