[Morningstar Rising]: 113.One As Weak As I

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2007-03-03 02:07:12
One AS Weak As I
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I spend my life in pain
Afraid to say my name
Like thunder roaring loud
Silence binds me down
The weight upon my chest
Crashes me to the ground
I try to rise in vain
My legs they let me down
I lay back on the ground
My eyes cast to the sky
I pray for help to come
But no one hears my silent cries
My tears they roll down free
As my life seeps out of me
The world it grows so dark
And yet a light I see
I wonder where I'm bound
If God still loves me so
If the gates of heaven will open
For one as weak as I
My life is full of regrets
Of things unsaid and done
Of yesterdays that are gone
Of tomorrows that will never come
Today is almost done
And with it is my life
Darkness fills my eyes
No more sunrises will I see
I wonder if God still loves me
If the gates of heaven will open
For one as weak as I

2007-02-27 Jenna Rose: This is beautiful. Sad in a way, but beautiful.

2007-02-27 Morningstar Rising: Thank you, it comes from a dark place that lives inside of me, I guess we all have that darkness buried deep.

2007-03-02 iippo: Very emotional and beautiful and Willow Rose said.

One little error has slipped in there, on line 10: 'casted' isn't a word, the past tense of 'cast' is 'cast' o.O
Also, is the lack of punctuation on purpose? It feels breath-taking and a little rushed without punctuation...

2007-03-03 Morningstar Rising: Thank you, and thanks for pointing that out, I am not good when it comes to punctuation, not sure how to punctuate it. Any and all help is welcomed.

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