[Morningstar Rising]: 113.Five Words October

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2007-10-31 02:34:50
Shay's Five Words
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     This Halloween I plan on being a grumpy old blue goblin with white wiskers and really sharp teeth. I just hope that my stupid boss lets me out early for a change. It will suck if I have to put a new link on the slide that came broken, cause that will take hours and cut into my fun time. My boss is a grumpy man that has no life. He is always yelling at me for one reason or another. I mean really, I do my job and more, what more does he want. Well I won't hold my breath cause I just might turn blue and not the kind of blue that is good for you either.  This job is killing me, I feel the drain on my body as well as my mind. I really need tonight to unwind and have some fun for a change. 

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