[Morningstar Rising]: 113.Five Words September

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2007-09-26 23:44:48
Shay's Five Words
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          The grounds of the once beautiful Endless Gate Mansion, are all fuzzy with decay. Back like a hundred and fifty years ago, visitors came from all over the galaxy. Some came to walk the grounds, others to nap under the willows while their children played hide and seek, or catch. Among all this decay and rubble, there is one balcony that stands out. It is as though time itself has come to a stand still there. Bumble bee's buzz around the lively colored flowers that line the banister. If one stands very still, you can hear the sound of a young girl singing. She has a lovely voice, low and sweet, very pleasing to the ear. When I was a child growing up, I was instructed never to stand right under the balcony, nor to listen to the sweet song that fills me with joy and sadness at the same time. I asked my Elders why and this is what they said to me. 'Child do you want to become a bumble, with out a mind. If you listen to the death song, your mind will grow fuzzy and spiral out of control. ' But the truth is that none of what my Elders said was true, for I have listened to her song for years now. She is just a sad little girl, who's imprint of a happy time, still lingers in the place she died.

The End

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