[Jenna Rose]: 150.Poetry.The Stars Are Your Eyes

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This was written for Drabbles. With the challenge: "What are stars?"

Won 1st Place (*squeal* xD My first 1st place) at Drabbles for March '07.

The Stars Are Your Eyes
Copyright © Jennifer J. Radford

I lie in the grass on my back, and stare at the stars.
Here is the place...
That place that we used to call ours.

We were laying here one day,
And you asked “What are stars?”
The only thing I could think to say:

“The stars are your eyes;
you look down on me all night.
The stars comfort me,
when you’re not there to hold me tight.”

I used to think that that was true.
Sometimes I still do.

But now you’re not here...
So, the stars... They remind me of your eyes.
Eyes that I hold so dear.

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