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2006-09-10 12:27:51
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Mi - The China Dragon
short story
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Once upon a time, there was a dragon named Mi.
Mi was made of China. To all appearances, she looked like a small miniature dragon, cast in China.

When the Moon was bright, and the light touched her surface, she became animated. Her scales were pale as the moonlight and she glowed like the Moon. She would prance about the living room and play among the books, chairs and various other objects, always taking care to return to her shelf before the moonlight faded away.

One night, she was caught up in a new game. She would jump from the dining table, to the soft couch below. She was having so much fun that she never realised that the Moon was slipping lower and lower. She climbed up to the table one last time, and started to leap when her limbs started to stiffen. She wobbled off balance, and as she fell to the floor she glanced at the window and saw the last moonbeam fall behind the horizon.

When the lady of the house came into the room in the morning, she found Mi broken neatly in two pieces.
She glued her back together and placed her back on the shelf. That night, the moonbeams came again but Mi stayed motionless.

For [Font]
He said to make a story about China ;p

2006-08-25 Emily: "Her scales were pale as the moonlight and she glowed like the Moon." I don't think "Moon" needs to be capitalised here... but otherwise, very nice and imaginative. Good picture is painted here.

2006-09-10 pixie_shimmer: mm, I usually always capitalise the Moon, being as I think it is an entity in my world and therefore you know...deserves capitalisation.

2006-09-10 pixie_shimmer: now fixed so all are capitalised :)

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