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Emily  Writings  (Post your Faves :) favorite quotes)

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Name: E. Lynn Tegan

I dress like this every day.


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My name is Emily. I am not a particularly exciting person! I love to read, and recently moved from the US to England because I am obsessed with Philip Pullman. Haha, not really. But seriously, how did this place build a global empire without macaroni and cheese?


I have some outdated ideas at this wiki. Also a few favorite quotes that I would love to see more people contribute to!



Please be sure to visit My Writings (there at the top), and provide any criticism. If you provide criticism for me, I'll do the same for you!

As you may notice, or may want to take heed of, vignettes are my favorite style of writing! I also write adult content. If you don't like it, then please don't read it! I don't feel I should need to censor my free will because your eyes wandered over something you were warned you might not like :(


Special thank yous to [Nightshadow], who made these dividers on Writersco Graphics, and also to [Shanra], at Shanra's Wiki.

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