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2006-01-01 05:33:01
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The Rose (and Stuff)
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I went and picked out some bits from my blog :) Some poetry - some freeform type writing.

I hope you enjoy, and don't read too much into anything please *^_^*

She was young once,
This rose.
Now her petals are brown
Her life is brittle
One touch and she could disintegrate

One touch and she could be alive again


This body of mine is a prison
Why could I not have been born beautiful?
Life would have been so much easier...

I could have found a rich man or three
to keep me...
And paid for it with a smile
and the occassional use of my body

You do not have to care about people
when you are beautiful...
They will forgive you, no matter what

Just give them a smile
And let them use your body
And everything will be fine...

It must be wonderful, to be loved unconditionally
Just because, you are aesthetically pleasing to look at...

You'd never need to work, because you'd have a man (or three)
To keep you in luxury
But if you wanted to, you could get a job with a snap of your fingers
You'd ooze confidence
And they'd fall over themselves to catch you :/
After all...who can resist your smile?
Not to mention, your arse looks great in those pants...

I know I would be happy if I were beautiful.
Funny, isn't it?


I unbutton my skin
To get at my soul...
I sit here now
I am open to you!

I try to be honest
I try to pull the soul
from it's hiding place
so that this may mean



2007-10-28 elfflower1989: I relate to the third one, and found the second one funny. My sister is like that :/

2007-11-26 pixie_shimmer: ^_^ Thank you :p
I was depressed at the time of writing these, I always seem to get very sarcastic when that happens :p The bad thing (or maybe good) is that it ends up being quite entertaining :D One of my friends couldn't stop laughing at something that I wrote when I was younger. He kept saying, 'I shouldn't laugh, it's so wrong and mean but it's too funny!'

The first and third pieces are pretty :) It's hard for me to even think I wrote them :)

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