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2006-01-31 21:46:52
short story
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Never, never, never again would Mre were the green badge on her vest. Never again would she live up to the honor of her name. And never again would she stir, or make joyious music.
Mre was dead, dead, dead, gone forever, never to move her lips to sing her sweet song.
And it was all because of that goddamned clothespin. That's right, a clothespin.
It had hit her so hard, that she was never to move again.
Poor Mre, my poor imaginary friend.

2006-01-25 coolgal: woo! i love it! yay, lol.

2006-01-26 Akayume: really? thanks^^

2006-02-02 kileaiya: Hehe. :) That's great.

2006-02-02 Akayume: thanks

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