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Wizich Trilogy

21.Top Index.Wizich Trilogy

The Wizich Trilogy is a 120 page document which, as the name suggests is written in three parts. Each part describes one the last three dynasties of Kahlan.
In the first part (the end of the 7th dynasty) the story follows the character of Gwen and her teacher Hilta.
After bringing stability to magic the first par finishes and the second part begins.
In the 8th dynasty ends on 70 years on when a creature is accidentally created which begins an epic quest to unite all four corners of the world.
And before the the world can finally move into the 9th dynasty they must once again destroy an unwanted creature.
Authors Comment: I've not worked on it for a long time now, i've had a lot of ideas for improvements but right now my mind has been taken over by the world of Ghost and Elijah

The Norns of London

21.The Norns of London

The books follow the character Ghost as he's thrown head first into a world that he never knew existed. A London where reality is blurred.

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