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Name: Brian Aldam



I'm a member of the Site Staff.

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Hmmm.... For a lot more information go to my elftown house.

But for now my Elftwood description should do:

I'm Fifteen. I live in England in a town called Bishop's Stortford. When I was young it was impossible to even get me to read the blurb of a book. It wasn't until I was in year four and I came across 'the magicians’ nephew' by C. S. Lewis (he's the guy who wrote 'the lion, the, witch and the wardrobe') that I started reading. Then in year six me and my family went to Australia (on holiday) and I saw the animated series of 'The Wyrd Sisters' by Terry Pratachett. When we got back to England I sat down and read the 'Truckers', 'Diggers' and 'Wings' series. I enjoyed it so much that I then read his master piece - The Discworld Series. After I had devoured all possible sources of fantasy and sci-fi a story started in my mind. It began with a short story I wrote in year six called 'Gwen'. It was a simple story about an apprentice witch who gets entangled in a war between witches and wizards. Then in year eight I began to think about what happened next. And so was born 'The Wizich Trilogy'. I went back and finished 'Gwen' and have finally found some where to put this epic adventure across land, sea, mountains, fire and several other things which I can't remember at the moment. Now it's finished, I have started writing 'The Tales of Kahlan'- A series of short stories about world where the Wizich Trilogy takes place. When I’m writing I like to go into the woods near my house. Their quiet and peaceful another world from busy Stortford. I often think of the problems of life and death but it seems too much of a low note to leave it on, so I will say - Please contact me on Elftown - Hooray and Good night. Thank you...

when elftowns working:
its a stylesheet i made.

Age: 19Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 4

Gender: male

Working/study place: Aberystwyth

Place of living: Aberystwyth


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