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  The camel loped towards the town at a gentle gait but its rider was lost in her own thoughts. How could he be such a renowned gambler? She should have seen signs shouldn’t she? But she hadn’t, the debts had come out of left field and now the officials of the Debtors Union were after her for their payment. What was worse was that they were employed by the monarch and how could she say no to that!
  “Oh John.” she groaned aloud, “Now I’ve lost all merit with my peers. How am I to make a decent marriage and anchor myself in life with this written in my history?” Anger bubbled up inside her for it was a basic rule among the ton that one can gamble but only if they are responsible enough to keep it within their monetary range. Even here in this relaxed desert society is was a black streak on a person’s reputation and a character tarnished, even once, was a character frowned upon forever.

Entry for Five Words contest.

© Angie O'Connor

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