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Hosted by [Annie]


Welcome to Five Words



October-February 2011/2012

Watch out for sneaky words!
Your words are:



1.[Catalyst] - 723.5WordsContest.December20011
2.[Sabrina Catherine] - 479.Country Ablaze


June-October Winners

After two very rough weeks of exams, sickness, and car troubles, I was finally able to get to judging Five Words! Thank you everyone for your participation; I loved reading your writings. As always, I have rated each of your pieces. Here are the winners! Congratulations and hope to see you all in the next round!
1st [Sabrina Catherine] 479.Contest Entries- Five Words August 2011
I laughed so hard when I saw how you used the word furbish--major flashback. Although it wasn't my intention, it was so creative I had to give you first!
2nd [Eleanor] 668.Contest entries.Five Words.August 2011
3rd [Product of a Primal Urge] 826.five words contest august 2011








The Rules

This contest is simple. It is designed to test your ability to find commonality among five seemingly unrelated words.

It is your job to take these five words (chosen at random), and place them all in a single, coherent paragraph.

1. The paragraph must make sense. It cannot be each word strung together to form a sentence or each word placed in sentences that are unrelated to each other.

2. All the words must be contained in one paragraph (defined as 3-5 sentences in most English classes).

3. The words do not need to be placed in any specific order.

4. The words must remain in the same tense in which they are presented.

5. Words from the word list must be written in bold in your paragraph for easy identification.

6. New writings only. No recycling old materials.

7. No plagiarism.

8. Minimal adult material please. I read all entries and I have a weak stomach. >.<
Judging will be based on how well the writer meets the above explained criteria. Contextually-correct, creative word usage will be the biggest portion of the ultimate decision. Obviously, spelling and grammar are an important part of judging. General coherence of your paragraph will be taken into consideration as well. Make sure it makes sense! Originality of subject and style will be counted. And remember...I refer to it as a paragraph, not a sentence or a couple sentences. Say as much as you can without making an entire short story!


An example of Five Words by our last first place winner [Sabrina Catherine]
479.Contest Entries- Five Words August 2011

Check out Five Words Winners List to see the winners from when [Po] was hostess.

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2011-08-01 [Eleanor]: Thank goodness. Mine was sad and lonely there. Now it has company.

2011-08-04 [Sabrina Catherine]: :) glad to see things still moving here. I'm working on an entry right now :) hopefully it works on my phone... (Blackberry)

2011-08-04 [Sabrina Catherine]: Yay! My first entry in forever!!! Kinda a sucky one lol but oh well :)

2011-08-04 [Calliope]: Just for anyone that is watching this and still active... Animals is up and going. It's a very generic contest that allows any medium to be entered with a very broad theme. Please spread the word!

2011-08-07 [Annie]: Yay 3 entries! :D Keep it up. ^_^

2011-09-24 [Annie]: I think I'll end this round soon!

2011-10-07 [Ash]: You're only a month behind... :)

2011-10-07 [Product of a Primal Urge]: gave me time to put in an entry though!

2011-10-07 [Annie]: I'm not a month behind--In my contest, I'm never behind. ;) And yay a 4th entry! After this coming week of craziness I'll tie it up and start a new one.

2011-10-08 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Haha, nice way to put it [Annie] :D

2011-10-21 [Sabrina Catherine]: Can't wait for the results :)

2011-10-22 [Sabrina Catherine]: Woohoo!!!! :)

2011-10-22 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Great job [Sabrina Catherine], I agree, it was pretty funny XD Also, congrats on second, [Eleanor]

2011-10-22 [Annie]: I just have to ask did mean "furbish" as in Furbies right? ;) I'm assuming that wasn't just a huge coincedence haha.

2011-10-23 [Eleanor]: Congrats, everyone, and thanks!

2011-10-23 [Sabrina Catherine]: Yup :) furbish is furbie-speak lol

2011-10-23 [Annie]: Ya haha, ok, we're on the same page. :)

2011-11-10 [Calann]: *stumbles back from La-la land* Hello again! xD

2011-11-10 [Annie]: Haha, hi! :)

2013-01-19 [Sabrina Catherine]: I wonder how much longer writersco will be around if it continues at this pace.... Zero writings last month... :(

2015-04-12 [Sabrina Catherine]: I pray this site never dies... I mean it's dead, but it's still here, you know? I'm saddened to see this place abandoned like garbage :(

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