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[Kiddalee]'s Scripts

  So far, I have only one radio drama up. My radio work is influenced by Adventures In Odessy, a Christian family/children's radio series from the US that is very well done.
  I also go to the local theatre to watch plays every now and then. Norm Foster is very popular in my town. He's a Canadian playwright, does mostly comedy with small casts, and uses a broad range of settings. I now order you to look him up.
  I barely ever watch TV or movies these days. I was deprived of movies as a child, and stopped watching TV some time this decade when it got too annoying and gaudy (I should soon write an essay on why the Web is better than TV). However, one should note that I am influenced by classic movies a bit more than others I know. My dad watches them, including westerns, a lot, so I got to hear the poetry of The Philedalphia Story, Easter Parade, and A Streetcar Named Desire; not to mention a bit of the glorified writing of the silent films they show on midnights. They are not too big an influence on me, and I shouldn't have given them this much space on this page, but I do admire the best of them.

  And now about my piece here!
  I wrote Zak's Earth-Shattering Bike Search for my high school senior Drama class. I got to record it and everything. Because I couldn't do it in a group like everyone else, it's not meant to be longer than 3-5 minutes.
  It's too bad I can't get the recording to you. Maybe... someday... I might care enough to borrow a friend's recording equipment and actually do a better job of it than I did in class.

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