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Kiddalee  Writings  (I'm here. Bwahahaha!)

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Name: Vicki Sue Nemeth


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Welcome to my Home!

  I will read anything that I can get for free, unless I have tried that author before and know I don't like them. That said, I admit that I favour sci-fi and fantasy, because I grew up on them. I'm still working on gaining experience with many genres. I should note that I read more childrens' literature than most grown-ups I know. I prefer the fluid authorial voices of British and classical authors.
  I started writing when I was six. I'd loved reading while I was learning to read, so as soon as I learned that I could make books too, I decided to. Currently, I am a lazy novice writer (though a far better reader), but can still come out with work, especially short poetry. I like writing about my own experiences.
  I'm friends with [JKing] and [Samael_22], and I'm in love with Ronin777. We are a couple of nuts.

Updates (see also Kidda's Old Announcements)

July 11, 2008:
- I've been working on reading Confabulation, which is an anthology of all the qualifying Wyn Lit 24 entries over its first year. I have over 100 stories to read by 34 authors. Currently, I'm on page 87 out of 301. Once I've read them all, I get to pick the three best and vote for them. The due date for my vote is August 15.
April 26, 2008:
- Now that I've moved my books and bookshelf to Clayton's new place, I will be slowing down my reading a bit. Maybe I'll do more of what I should be doing.
April 15, 2008:
- I must learn to delegate!
- I'm going to move in with Ronin777 on May first or so.
- In case you haven't noticed, I've given up on that essay thing. I didn't even start it.
January 7, 2008:
- Well, I've gone and stuck my name on the ABC. It's time to write an essay. See RR.Circle of Children, A
December 27, 2007:
- I'm back.
- Now that Christmas is over, my work routine is going to a little more sporadic and less demanding. I hope this means more Wynterblue and WritersCo and a cleaner room and more SNES and reading and writing. I am also worried enough about money that I might be dumb and find a second job. At least I don't XMas shop. Yarg.

What I Do Here

•I run the Unlazy Poets contest, where we write poetry that isn't free verse. We don't hate free verse, but thought it would be nice to go somewhere where that isn't 90% of what you see, so here we are.

I Rate.

BBC, the Backwards Book Chart Wiki, is a place to list all that you've read starting with the most recent, and going as far back as you can remember. It's meant to foster literary discussion. (see the BBC of Kidda)

•I like writing reviews for Recommended Reading.

•Have you ever posted poetry on WC that is not free verse? Anything with a format at all? Let the rest of us know we're not alone by signing the Unlazy Poets List.

•Come to the Literature forum! <joinforum:16:meeple> (Literature) This is where you talk about literature!

Broken img links: DELETED!

•My win is for May 2007. How can I win? Because somebody other than me was judging that month. Don't worry. I've lost plenty of times.

•In the Five Words contest, I've won second place out of nine entries for January 2007, and first place out of four entries for August 2007.

•I won first place out of two entries in July 2007's Concerti contest.

•I am one of the Who Has The Best Poem Winners (See Who Has The Best Poem?).

On the World Wide Web

•I play Team Fortress 2 on Jiggly's Fun House. I prefer servers without the Sourcecraft Mod.
•I'm on Elftown and Elfpack with the same nickname as here.
•I'm in the Ubuntu Forums and on their Wiki (see
•I have a blog on the Opera Community with the same nickname (
•I have occasionally haunted Elfwood's IRC, #lothlorien of EsperNet, #elftown and #writersco on AzzurraNet.
•I'm a member of Wyvern's Library in Elfwood ( and of Bifrost Fantasy (

Age: 32Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 15

Gender: female

Working/study place: I'm still not going to be a teacher.

Place of living: North Bay, Ontario

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