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Zak's Earth-Shattering Bike Search

by Vicki Nemeth

Cast Of Characters

Zak - The hero
Mom - His mother
Jivin' Joe

The Play

MOM: Zak! It's almost time for lunch. Come inside.

(door swings)

ZAK: Hey, Mom.

MOM: Hey, what have you got there?

(snake hiss)

MOM: (screams) Zachary! Get that thing out of here, and come right back.

ZAK: Okay, okay! It's just a snake.

(door swings) (Footsteps on gravel)

ZAK: I like this snake. I don't wanna let him go. No way I'm going back in there. Hey, where's my bike? My helmet's here, but not the bike. It must be around the back. (running footsteps) No, it's not here. Huh? Tracks. My bike must be down the road! I've got to follow those tracks! (running)

(music for a time interval)

ZAK: (stops running) (panting) Huh? (reads) "Jivin' Joe's Junkyard..." This place was never here before. What!? (shakes fence) My bike! It's in there!

(gate swings and background drumbeat starts)

ZAK: Oh, who's that? (runs up to him) Excuse me, sir...

JOE: Hey, what's up, kid? I'm Jivin' Joe,
And this is my junkyard, don't you know?
It's dangerous, round here, to play,
So run along, and stay away.

ZAK: Mr. Joe, Mr. Joe, my bike's in there!

JOE: This isn't the place if you wanna play.

ZAK: But that's my bike!

JOE: Now run along, and stay away.

ZAK: Hey, how come this place wasn't here before?

JOE: I won't be happy if you stay.

ZAK: But... but...

(gate swings shut, and drumbeat ends)

ZAK: Now how am I gonna get my bike? I can't get Mom to help. She's mad at me. What are they gonna do with all this stuff anyways? Hey, who's that guy? It looks like he's bringing more stuff in for the junkyard. I'd better hide. (running on gravel, leaves rustling) Here he comes. (gate swings, quieter this time; clang of metal on metal) And, there he goes. He left the gate open! I can sneak in and take my bike back! (leaves rustle as he comes out of the bush; slow footsteps) Here it is. (faint metal clanging as he picks up the bike) There's no time to waste. I'm riding out of here. First, I'll put on my helmet... (snap of plastic buckle) There. (begins riding) Oh, no! I've been spotted. (tires slide on gravel)

(drumbeat starts)

JOE: I said you had to stay away,
So why'd you come in here to play?

ZAK: Because you stole my bike and I'm taking it back.

JOE: Now look, kid, this is not your day. (squishy mouth noises made to synthesize transforming; drumbeat ends when transforming is complete)

ZAK: (begins breathing raspily) Uh... uh... what's going on? You're not human any more.

TRANSFORMED JOE: That's right, I am not. I am the tentacled abomination from the planet Wikko-Wokka! And with your bike, I am going to attach a cannon to my ship that can DESTROY THE UNIVERSE.

ZAK: Hey, that was cool, can you do it again?


ZAK: But you can't destroy the universe! That's wrong.

TRANSFORMED JOE: And why would that be?

ZAK: Well... because then I won't be able to ride my bike any more! And I won't get to eat Mom's grilled cheese. And Mom won't get to take me hiking any more. And... lots of other people won't be able to do it either!

TRANSFOMED JOE: That sounds pretty bad, but I'm going to DESTROY THE UNIVERSE anyways! (hideously clichéed evil laugh) Now give up the bike and I won't hurt you.

ZAK: (to self) Oh, no. He's coming closer. What am I gonna do? All I have is this snake. (it hisses as he takes it out of his pocket)

TRANSFORMED JOE: What's that? (screams) It's a monster! (clanging noises as he runs away)

ZAK: Bye, snake. What's he doing? (footsteps as he walks towards Joe) Woah! A space ship!

(sound of engine roaring as spaceship blasts off)

ZAK: Woah! It really flies. Well, it looks like he's not gonna destroy the universe after all. And I get my bike back! I can't wait to tell Mom.

(music for time interval as he rides home)

MOM: Zak! Where are you? You can't miss dinner, too! (door swings)

ZAK: Mom! You'll never guess what happened!

(after this, music slowly takes over)

MOM: Zak! You're grounded!

ZAK: But, Mom! There was an alien!

MOM: How can you lie to me like that?

ZAK: But there really was!

(by now, the voices have faded out; the music ends)

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