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This story is as it was as I wrote it at the age of 10. The only difference is that I can't type the funky writing I used for the onomatopeoias. You should see the way I wrote my "CRUMPLE"...

The Acorn And The Alien

by Vicki Sue Nemeth, Age 10

      It was a rather windy day and every squirrel was getting ready for the winter ahead. The leaves were falling and the nuts and acorns were being taken away. It was a rather peaceful fall day until...


      That was the sound of an Alien's spaceship that was landing in the middle of the forest. The spaceship was very, VERY BIG and looked like a pretzel. A door opened in the ship and an alien stepped out.

      It was purple. It had four long legs, two short ones, and six hands and arms. On each leg was a little stub instead of feet. The Alien walked out of the spaceship.

      "This looks like a good world to rule," it said.

      It pulled out it's weapon, ready to attack anyone or anything that got in its way.


      Clonk! Swish!

      The Alien didn't know that the only thing falling on its head was an acorn.

      I didn't tell you that the weapon looked just like a praying mantis, and worked exactly the same way.

      "It's a Clonk!" yelped the Alien, "It just hit me on the head!!!! And a Swish too!!!"

      The swish was the wind.

      The Alien pushed a button on its prey gun in attempt to tear apart the "clonk" and "swish". Two spiny poles came out and grabbed a tree with the spines sticking in. The tree got uprooted. The Alien did this to the whole forest before finally taking its thumb off the button.

      "There are too many clonks and swishes to start here," it said.

      It went into its spaceship and flew away.

      By evening it had landed near a garden in Central Park. It pulled out its prey gun.


      Clonk! Swish

      The alien fired and tore up the garden! Branches were ripped off of trees! Lawn was mowed and some of it, turned into sod! Some trees were cut down, some uprooted! Some lost leaves! During it all, nobody was there so close ot dark, so noone got hurt.

      "This must be a very difficult world to rule," said the alien nervously.

      It was beginning to think this was an impossible world to rule. It stepped into its spaceship and flew away.

      Early the next morning the Alien landed in the middle of a forest in Yellowstone National Park. The Alien went out of the ship with its weapon in a three fingered hand.

      "Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrr," chittered a nearby squirrel.

      "Soooo," said the Alien, "This world has Chit Chats too."


      Swish CRUMPLE Swish

      The Alien had stepped on some dry leaves, but he did not know it!

      "Aaaaahhhh!!!!" cried the Alien! "A CRUMPLE!!!"

      The Alien jumped up and was into his spaceship faster than somebody can count to three!

      The spaceship went...


      and then it flew away.

      That week, all the newspapers in the world had "What destroyed this forest?" and a place where the Alien had been on the front page!

2006-05-28 Child of God: Hehe, I like. Very cute, especially for at the age of ten. ^-^

2006-05-28 Kiddalee: :)

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