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2006-09-04 00:30:15
The Mundane
I looked around the disaster zone with distaste and a random breeze stirred the air. Mom had decided to assert her will on me once again, and make me clean up my room. I rolled my eyes. 'I'm a freaking Superhero, for goodness sake! So what if there's a small flaw in my character? I hardly think any bad guy with World Domination on the mind is going to defeat me with a dirty room! Heck, Mom should see some of their places!' With a casual flick, I sent a small windstorm rolling around the room to collect the dirty clothes. Then I directed a gust to sweep the odds and ends back onto the shelves. 'Seriously, though, most parents would be satisfied if their child was saving the world from Evil! I bet Moms are the original Evil, and everyone else is just doing a tacky imitation.' With the floor cleared, I set the vacuum cleaner going by creating a miniature tornado inside. I sighed as I picked up my needle and thread; mending. 'Ugh! Cleaning is so boring!'

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