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War, Diary
War Diary Entries
Diary Entry 01/15/2008

I threw another log on the fire today, to keep us warm; I could hear the fire crackling as I did so.

It is mid-winter, and the power was cut off yesterday, today, the heating was lost. The Russians cut it off for our entire town, hoping to kill off all of the people left over, and stop anyone from even thinking of joining a revolt against them.

The Russians had taken over the majority of Canada immediately after Christmas. We awoke on Boxing Day, to find that Canada was at war, within thirty-six hours Canada was under the control of Russia. The only places that aren’t taken over so far are small little towns, but that it starting to happen already, as I live in a small town.

I don’t know how long we will be able to survive under the power of the Russians, mom says that we will all be fine, just to do what they say if they come in to our house. But I know that we won’t be fine, that is just something she is saying to try and calm my little brother and sister.

Greg, my older brother, died a week ago, as he tried to fight against the army; they made a public humiliation of him, then killed him in front of my eyes. I covered Julie’s eyes as mom covered Howard’s. I almost broke down into tears right then, but I remained strong, until I got back home, and into my room.

Mom is calling out for my help, I don’t know what is going on, but in these times, nothing can be going right. I must help mom with whatever she needs, as dad isn’t here anymore to take care of us.

Diary Entry 01/18/2008

It’s getting colder outside. Every once in a while the snow falls down the chimney and puts out the fire.

We are running out of logs, and can’t go outside to chop down more wood, as we don’t know were the Russians are, and if they see us, they may shoot us.

We still have enough food to last us a while, we were lucky that mom spent more money on food then gift’s this year for Christmas.

Diary Entry 01/25/2008

We ran out of logs today, and had to start burning books and the ends of chairs.

The kids won’t stop crying, they only stop for a little while when they sleep. I got two hours of sleep last night because I was looking after them, mom would have watched over them but she is sick and couldn’t.
Mom keeps saying that she will be fine that it is just a small fever, but I don’t know if it is worse then that, and there are no doctors left except for the ones working for the Russians.

Diary Entry 01/31/2008

I saw my friend today; he came by my house looking to see if we had any food that he could have, as his family was running out.

I was so happy to see him again; it had been forever since I had seen anyone else.

Mom said that I couldn’t give him food, that we were starting to run low on food ourselves, but that he could stay and have something to eat today.

Ted was going to stay for supper, but said that his parents would kill him if, he ate and they didn’t. So he went back home.

Just minutes after he left, I heard a gunshot, I don’t know if they got him or not, but there was a gunshot, I just hope that he is still alive.

Diary Entry 02/12/2008

It is my birthday today, but we couldn’t do anything. I got a can of beans as it was all that we could really afford to let go.

I’ve decided that I am going to go and get food tomorrow, hopefully enough to keep our family alive for just a little while longer.

This may be my last entry, I don’t know for sure, but if there is no more, then assume that I was killed.

Diary Entry 02/13/2008

It is three in the morning, and I am just about to leave, I am just leaving a note in here for my family if they see this.

I love all of you and am doing this so that we can survive, if I don’t return, Howard, you are to take over as the man of the house, make sure that everyone lives.


© Steve Stewart 2006

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