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2006-06-08 16:18:45
What’s the point? If there’s one question I’ve asked myself too many times, that’s the one. What’s the point?

Standing here on the roof of the deserted old mill, watching the sunset, I ask myself again – What’s the point? The sky goes from orange to burnt auburn, to fuchsia, soon to black. Like my heart. Black.

I consider just stepping off this ledge, giving a gift to so many who don’t want me around, can’t understand me, and don’t really care. Not that anyone would want to avenge my death… One last sip of my tangy orange/tequila sunrise - the mix burning its way down my throat as the sun finally slips into oblivion for another night. The air is cool, the breeze whispers my name, calling me forward. I'd step off, but ... What’s the point?

Submission for Five Words hosted by [Po]

... my other thought ...

He sipped his tangy tequila sunrise as he painted the door of the mill a bright fuchsia, his gift to a town too afraid to avenge the death of his best friend.

2006-06-08 Font: Aww, can really picture this piece, really good :)

2006-06-08 Stefano: Thanx my friend. :)

2006-06-08 Font: Very very welcome :P

2006-06-09 Athilea: This is really good.

2006-06-09 Stefano: hehe - thanx - i enjoyed the exercise

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