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The Mysterious Egg
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The Mysterious Egg

copyrighted by Amy L. Howe 2006

Stacey and her sister had just been cleaning out the barn when they discovered an egg. However, it wasn’t any egg. It looked to be an egg from an extinct species or something. It was all metallic and shiny. Stacey had wondered if it came from a parallel universe or something. They had just finished the cleaning and decided they would complete their day by taking the egg in to their friend Tom. He was a scientist. He would know what it was.

Just as they were leaving the barn, the most unexplainable thing happened. The egg started to hatch. It looked really weird because it wasn’t cracking, it was slowly melting away. “Oh my gosh!” Stacey squealed with delight. “I think it is hatching.” Her sister looked at her with an expression that could only say one thing. “Duh!” Her sister said as if it was the stupidest comment in the world. “Well what do you think it is?” Stacey inquired. “Maybe it is a dinosaur.” As they were talking about it, the egg completely melted away and inside was the most beautiful creature. It was a tiny, pink and green fairy. “I didn’t know that fairies came from eggs.” Stacey said matter of factly. Just as they were getting all excited the fairy flew over to Stacey and tapped her on the nose with her finger. “ZAP!” “Ouch that hurt!” Stacey yelled. The fairy had shocked the girl with her low voltage finger. She thought that Stacey was her mommy and zapping her was the fairy’s way of saying I love you.

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