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Name: Amy


This is my wonderful family;
Kaydin, Jade, and I!

I've donated to Writersco Graphics.

Member Type: Writer


I recently graduated high school and start college on September 5th. I'm going for my elementary teaching degree.


My favorites:

Author- Jude Deveroux
Romance Book- An Angel for Emily
Fantasy Book- Harry Potter (all of them)
Artist- Boris Valleho and Josephine Wall
Fantasy Creature- Fairies and Pixies (no they are not the same!)
Actor- Johnny Depp & Zac Efron
Singer- Christina Aguilera
Musical Group- Rascal Flatts
Female Song- Beautiful; Christina Aguilera
Male Song- Beautiful Soul; Jesse McCartney
Group Song- Skin; Rascal Flatts
Style of Music- All
T.V. Shows- American Idol, House, American Chopper
Food- that's simple, Shrimp!
Beverage- Berries and Creme Dr. Pepper
Junk Food- Brownies
Colors- Powder Yellow, Baby Blue, Pastel Pink
I love Musicals

These are only a few of my favorites. But I think it covers most of the basics.


I am an aspiring writer. I write a lot of fantasy and romance. Occasionally I write childrens stories and romatic comedies. I have written many short stories in my time but I would really like to write a novel. I have had many ideas for one but none of them seem to go very far.


Have you ever heard of an amateur artist? Well thats what i am. I love to draw and paint, sculpt and create. Anything artsy i love to do. I love latch-hooking, scrapbooking, puzzling, and just plain doing anything that has to do with crafts. I am working on all of these at the moment but can't seem to stay focused. Especially with a little one that needs constant attention.

Overall you could say that I'm a very creative person, especially when I put my mind to it.



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Age: 21Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 8

Gender: female

Working/study place: Home for now!

Place of living: Charlevoix, Mi


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