[Dead/Alive]: 308.My Fear

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2006-02-14 15:24:35

I can’t stop.
I must keep moving.
Pursued by my greatest,
Nameless fear.

I can hear it’s breath,
Ragged, yet strong.
Smell it’s putrid stench.

My fear running wild,
My step begins to quicken,
Going into a dead sprint,
I make for the safety of my home.

Opening the door,
I am blasted by the inferno within.
I had stepped into my own hell.

Rooted to the spot,
Hot flames lapping at my bare skin.
I stare wildly ahead.
There it stands,
Gaping maw open wide, in a snarl of death.

The beast suddenly moves toward me,
With lightning speed it approaches.
It strikes,
Utter darkness.

My eye’s fly open,
I stare wildly around.
I’m in my room,
In my house.
No flames eating away at my skin.

But as I drift back to sleep,
I catch a fleeting glimpse of a formless shadow moving out,
Under my door…..

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