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Standing in stupefied horror, Lucian watched as his hometown went up in a blazing inferno. Only minutes before, he’d been back in the woods that cradled his beloved town collecting wood for his cooking fire for the evening. But, hearing the shouts of alarm and unmistakable clash of steel, he dropped his load and started off at a dead run for the town. Whatever had happened, had been quick and bloody, for all around him, all Lucian could see was the aftermath of a battle. Bodies strewn haphazardly everywhere, hacked to pieces in a most brutal manner. Lucian stood, searching the sea of fallen men. Stopping, he’d found what he’d been looking for, an enemy dead. 
The dead soldier had been too well armed to be just a regular soldier. The invading enemy had been from far to the North, given the man’s size. The men from the North were known to be brutally vicious in battle, it was a wonder that one from the Guard could had taken him down. 
Off toward the town square, Lucian heard yet again, shouting and the distinct sounds of battle. Breaking into a dead run, he headed for the commotion of the battle with nothing but the thought of revenge to push him onward. For every body and burning building he passed, his anger only multiplied. 
Upon seeing the battle and the enemy in his town, his rage exploded in deadly fury. The men from the North never even saw him coming. He blew through their lines in one swift motion, sending several to the spirit world as he passed. Rounding on the enemy, he stood, a firestorm of rage waiting to be unleashed. From deep inside, Lucian felt his power railing to be released to reap it’s destruction on this very real threat. Looking into the eyes of the advancing enemy soldiers, he waited, watching them approach. Suddenly, one foolish man broke from their ranks and made a rush for Lucian. The soldiers cry of triumph in gaining glory quickly turned to a cry of surprised pain as Lucian let just a little of his power go. In the blink of an eye, that lone soldier was enveloped in flame before he got within fifty feet of Lucian. At this new development, Lucian saw the lines of the men from the North falter ever so slightly, but still they kept coming.
Having had enough of waiting on them, Lucian simply raised his hand and an enormous ball of flame erupted from his outstretched palm and shot toward the enemy. Thinking to miss getting hit by this inferno, the soldiers, as one, moved to let it pass. They hadn’t counted on one of Lucian’s skill though. They all watched in horror as the ball of flame expanded and enshrouded them in its fiery wrath. As the screams of pain and anguish slowly died out, Lucian turned to seek out any left alive after the sudden onslaught. Panting in rage, Lucian set out to the distance North to exact his revenge on these barbarous marauders.

2006-12-19 Blood_suk'n Pirate: im halfway thru reading it and i'll read the rest when i can.. but so far i like it!

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