[Dead/Alive]: 308.Pain Is Eternal

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2006-03-03 15:34:19

Pain is eternal,
It is there,
now and forever.

It never leaves,
it always burns.
so hot it singes and scars.
Scars in places where no one sees.
Singes the core of your soul.

Pain is eternal,
It is a blade
wrought of two edges.

One side dull and painful,
Hacking away from the inside.
The other,
sharp and forgiving,
Cutting cleanly away the bad,
To make way for the new.

Pain is eternal,
It is the stinging salt,
Which blinds the eye.
The cleansing water,
Which grants us sight.

Pain is eternal,
The weakest part of our mind.
Giving light
to the often grotesque alternatives,
Showing us what can be.
Making us see what can’t be.

Pain is eternal.
It is there
in every waking moment.

However hidden from the world,
It is always there, deep inside.
Burning and scarring,
Hacking and cutting,
Stinging and cleansing,
It is the only true reality.
Pain is eternal

2007-01-21 Elven_Author: That's really beautiful....

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