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Veltzeh's stories

[Veltzeh]'s Stories

I write chapters for novels and other epic stories, even if they weren't as long as they should be. They're too long and non-random to be short stories, but a real novel might be too much for my abilities to handle.
I dislike poetry, so I won't write or read it. I'm not really eager to try and interpret another artist's work to get kicks out of that. I can do that on my own. However, I might consider it if it tells an epic, understandable story and is written in the so-called traditional style with rhyming ends and the like. Being Finnish, I also like alliteration a lot.
Since I'm mainly a visual artist, I think I should rather be doing comics, but they're hard. I'm still trying though. Maybe one day I will manage some good comics, too.

Worlds and stories:

The Heritage of Humankind universe:
The Heritage of Humankind (39.The Heritage of Humankind)
Tales from Kyerrion (39.NaNoWriMo.2006: Tales from Kyerrion and 39.NaNoWriMo.2007: Tales from Kyerrion)

PlanetSide universe:
PlanetSide: Tzhagane (39.Planetside: Tzhagane)

Tekeonia System universe:
Fiend or Foe (39.Fiend or Foe)
(Note: I'm making an RPG out of this universe.)

Childhood universe:

The Mutant Telepath universe:
The Mutant Telepath: 1, Gannan Lawert
The Mutant Telepath: 2, Alerin Lawert
The Mutant Telepath: 3

Other universes (not that interesting stories):
In Mortal Danger
Echoes from Space

Role-playing game character backgrounds and other things (39.RPG stories)

Realms of Lemire
Tylien Taiveme'le
Ke'rodre Lawar'in'ger
Vineg Tor'eael

Tekeonia System


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