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I study physics and computer science at a university. I like writing, drawing, sci-fi, role-playing and thinking.

The first books I read were veterinarian books. I used to like animals back then, but considering the amount of bloody gore in those books, I doubt the animals were my only subject of interest in there.
I guess eventually I had read all translated vet books I found. Then, as I was starting to watch Babylon 5 on TV, I moved on to reading science fiction. I read a lot of "crap" and nearly nothing by some more known writers since I couldn't tell which writers were good or known and which weren't and no one told me.
I stopped reading when I went to high school because I didn't have time. In high school I read many texts for English and Finnish classes. That and the Theory of Knowledge classes made me realize that I dislike art that has a lot of allegories or needs to be otherwise heavily interpreted because it's very difficult for me to make sense of it. I can find plenty of things that don't make sense in real life; I don't need that in literature too. I like straightforward, precise and chronological storytelling.

I write for fun. I might be better at it in Finnish, but so few people know Finnish that I've taken to writing in English anyway. Evidence suggests I'm not half bad at it, even if it is literally though not practically my third language. I'm also better at reading Finnish. My English vocabulary is still too small to fully understand everything in a book in English. Fortunately, that's often not needed, but sometimes one is bound to miss something essential.
I also draw for fun. It's ironic that while I seem to be better at drawing than writing, I want to write more than draw. That's why I dislike drawing random stuff. I mostly draw characters, scenes and similar from any stories I'm writing, and I have plenty. Evidence suggests I should be doing comics.

What I think I'm good at:
– dialogue (outline of that here: 39.Essays and Non-fiction.Me.Dialogue)
– characters
– making a thorough universe
– spelling, grammar and punctuation

What I think I'm not that good at:
– descriptions
– characters I can't understand
– making plots
– dialects/accents in English
– keeping finished things intact
– finishing stuff

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Contact information:
YIM: vle86ex
ICQ: 256747627
AIM: veltzeh
IRC: Veltzeh ( (#Elfwood, #Elftown, #WritersCo),,,

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