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2007-04-09 00:43:33
Strolling along from class to class even though I know I should hurry, I can feel the breeze petting my hair. The weather is perfect and it does something strange to me; it makes me feel so nonchalant. I can't seem to focus or study or even care, all I can do is sigh. Sigh, sigh, I'm on my last absence and I failed my last test. Haha, who cares? I'm so very happy. I'm spending my money and cleaning my room and smiling at complete strangers. Spring how I love you, you fill me with glee. Every day is a caprice with you.

2007-04-08 RiddleRose: how true..

i think you want "weather" though, not 'whether'

2007-04-09 Annie: lol...oops. :P I wrote it too fast I guess.

2007-04-12 RiddleRose: heehee. i know how that works... XD

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