[Annie]: 415.Miscellaneous.Drabbles.December

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2007-01-11 15:57:00
There he was. He was the most popular guy in the 4th grade. I huddled in my hiding place, the bathroom stall, and held my breath. I shouldn't have been in the boy's bathroom at all, but my girlfriends had shoved me in to spy. This always happened to me. My mother always said "Two is a party, but three is a crowd." I struggled to take slow, inaudible breaths. I felt so stupid. Those girls were all giggling moonstruck idiots. Or was that star struck? Whatever, they couldn't think about anything but boys. Donny did this and Chet went there and blah, blah, drool.

2007-02-16 aVorbiss: Haha, interesting.

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