[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.A Silent Predicament

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2008-04-13 06:21:26
These feelings for you grow stronger with time
Yet I wonder if you feel the same about me.
I yearn for the feeling of your touch
But it unfortunately eludes me yet again
We haven’t been the best of friends
Until a recent trip to a distant island
And now you are my one true friend
But my feelings have grown stronger
Over the span of the three years
And yet you show no sign of feeling the same
Am I alone in thinking we might be together?
Yet underneath this heartbreaking emotion
Lies an inextinguishable fear for our friendship
I quake at the idea, that if something were to happen
We may lose what little relationship we already have
And that would be far worse than living alone, untouched
I would much rather love without return,
Then have a friendship die in a sudden burst of fire
But what am I to do, while my heart waits anxiously?
Some say to hurry it up, and get us together already.
Others say to wait for you to make the time right.
I am unsure of either path, and am stuck at this fork in the road
The map in my hands has been brutally torn
So I cannot look to see what lies ahead on either path
And therefore I must sit and wait for some sign to appear
Then let it lead me to the happiness I yearn for in my near future.

2007-12-14 Sabrina Catherine: Wow.... If I were to know what was to befall me and him a year after this poem was written.... I might not of persued him.... cuz my fears were realized in the end

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