[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.Longer Than Diamonds

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2006-11-11 21:30:54
The Yin and the Yang
Of eternal happiness;
One is masculine
The other feminine,
Two fates intertwined
That together create
One immortal being:
He holds the power
Of a mighty dragon
While she is the grace
Of a beautiful tiger
The two unrivaled lovers
Make this the purest of substances
That has ever been known to them
And the rest of the mortal world
But few can possess this rare creation
For they are unable to journey
Down the path of great resistance
Yet time and time again
The tiger and the dragon cross paths
And their minds, bodies, and souls
Fuse to ignite a magical spark
That will never burn out
Beyond the sands of time

2006-11-12 Mister Saint: Oooh... lots of imagery. Very vivid, evocative, all those neat description words. Rating: Whoo!

2006-11-12 Sabrina Catherine: ^^ why thank you ^^ I found a pic on elfpack that has the yin and yang and on the masculine side had a dragon, my crushes favorite animal, and on the feminine, a white tiger, which is mine ^^ and in my usual fashion, the idea popped out of my head onto paper at around midnight XD and it's kinda a wish for me and Martin to be together.... he's read it... don't know if he got it... my other one after this one, I hope he'll never read... XD it's about how i sit there waiting for something, but fear to lose him in the process of trying to get closer...

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