[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.Glass House

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2015-05-21 06:04:55
There stands a house
Made of glass
A division of two worlds
They sit adjacent
Separated solely by crystalline
Looking inside
There is a storm brewing
The wind howls
A lighting strike catches
It lights up a fire
Everything is burning up
The storm is spinning
It's out of control
It has nowhere to go
Having to build up pressure
"Help me!" She cries.
The outside side uses their own might
Hoping to quite the storm inside
To no avail.
You cannot fight this fire
With a fire of ignorance.
Step aside, and let it calm itself.
Let it burn the oxygen from the air
Until it can no longer breath
Let it devour it energy
Until it exhausts all reason.
You may enter safely
Once its gone its course
I don't expect to understand why.
Just understand how.
It can't be helped.
I cannot be blamed.
I am not hopeless.
Until you understand
Until you see the imbalance,
You'll never figure out my home.

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