[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.The Storm and the Desert

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2021-08-14 09:31:27
The winds knock me off balance
The thunder shakes me to my core
a lighting strike just barely misses my heart
The rain pulverizes my skin
Making me numb
Hiding my tears
Everything around me is being torn apart
Nothing is left standing in it’s wake
But I press on
God’s given me the strength to take that next step
But in which direction?
I cannot see my guide through the downpour
I cannot hear His voice of the storm
I fall to my knees, not wanting to fight
Just wanting to die
Then I stumble out of the hurricane
He’s heard me through the noise
But now where am I?
I’m alone.
The sun dries off my weary body
It’s comforting
I’m free of the torture I had chosen
but wait, what is this?
The sun is beating down on me
Threatening to drain me of everything
Trying to dry me up of all I have gained
There’s no path before me, just sand
No water to quench my thirst
No shade to recover in
What have I done?
Do I run back to the storm that has put me through so much?
Or do I suffer under this all consuming sun
That freed me from my prison, but has trapped me inside myself?
Will I find an oasis to weather these poles of life?
Do I have what it takes to make it in this world?
Is there anyone that cares enough to help?

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