[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.Heartbreak

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2006-05-01 22:39:39
Your heart becomes an ebony stone.
Crystal tears fall secretly in the darkness.
The knife of sadness stuck in the rocks of your heart.
Inside the pain tears deeper.
You strive to keep it concealed from the world,
But the agony is too immense,
And can be seen through your eyes,
Like cerulean doors left open on a frigid winter’s night.
His face is unmistakable in your mind.
His laugh and voice is still heard in your ear.
Your heart longs to be near him,
But the feeling will never be shared...

2006-05-01 shadow in the midst: oh wow that is soo deep i love it. it may help make it stronger though if you put breaks in places to give more guidance to your readers. usually if you group one main idea with itself it will help achieve that guidance. but it definitely is an awesome poem!

2006-05-01 Sabrina Catherine: thanks ^^

2006-05-01 Sabrina Catherine: How's that?

2006-05-03 Jabbress: Very nice poem. IT realy touches me.

2006-05-03 Sabrina Catherine: thanks, I wrote it when my major crusgh, hooked up with my friend

2006-05-04 Jabbress: Ah... if you want my oppion you are very good at writting poems.

2006-05-04 Sabrina Catherine: thanks^^

2008-04-11 AuroraLumos: ^_^ I really like it, very deep and meaningful, relatable in some points aswell.

2008-04-11 Sabrina Catherine: thanks, I try... this one is really old, from like.... freshman or sophmore year...

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