[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.Insanity Never Sleeps, Nor Do I

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2008-12-27 20:39:09
All Night long they haunt my bed
Music, lights, memories, words
They waft past my mind's eye
An endless movie skippin from thought
To a soothing song of endless wandering
Its tragically mindless dreamings
Keep me from glorious, peaceful sleep
There is no rest for a mind that never stops
It is this same mind that burdens the heart
A broken, weak heart so often fooled
Time and time again it is so easily ensnared
Into the same dismal, unchanging hopelessness
That plagues the soul and confounds the mind
She is permanentally chained to memories
Bound to the vileness of the insane
But maybe insanity is the cure it needs
What if there is not cure to save me?
Is insanity truly my only way out?
Or am I permanentally stuck here?

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