[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.My Life Sucks

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2008-04-13 06:35:52
My life just sucks
I like two guys in my school,
But they happen to be taken;
And one of them,
Their girlfriend is gonna break it up.
Another guy in my school,
He probably doesn't like me
I met a guy in Juneau
My friends know him well by now
I don't think he remembers me
And if he does,
He probably hates me too.
I have only one friend who listens
But she doesn't all the time.
I have another, but my sadness,
Well, I take it all out on him.
Nothing ever goes my way.
I try to lose weight,
Maybe that way the guys I like,
Will like me back.
But I know it will never be.
I have too dark a heart
And a much too difficult personality
I am hated by most,
And those who don't know me,
Will know from their new friends.
I try to escape into books.
I picture me being my favorite character
Like Aldrea in The Hork-Bajir Chronicles.
But I know,
In the back of my mind,
I have to return to the reality,
The reality that has hated me since birth.
I have sometimes contemplated suicide.
My friends know of this.
I think that maybe if I end it now,
I can end the suffering among my friends,
My family,
And myself.
But then I think of how my family would react,
Then of my friends.
I would only cause more problems,
More than I already have.
I guess That is why I am mad,
Cuz no one I really want to be around,
Cares enough to like me.
I am Sabrina,
I am the unwanted girl of Petersburg High,
And I will live and die alone,
Loving most,
Hated by all.

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