[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.The Crush

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2008-04-13 06:36:59
I like this guy,
But I can't let him know
For fear of frightening him,

He might return my affection
He might be crushing on me as well
There's only one way to find out
But what if he does rebel?

What if he truly does not like me?
What if the dance was just out of boredom?
I need to know what he thinks,
I need to be calm

I feel so many emotions.
I see his face everywhere
This might creep him out,
But when he's around I feel light as air

I debate in my mind,
Whether or not to utter the words,
I fear rejection,
I think my thoughts slur

For they are of him,
Of the past,
Of my life,
And maybe I'm just thinking too fast.

2007-05-08 bloody kisses: I like this one, for I know how this feels, but honestly the third and last stanzas were just a lih'l bit bumpy in the rhythm, but I love where you went with it!

2007-05-08 Sabrina Catherine: thanks ^^ it's a really really old one when I was crushing on this guy in school, but I have long since found my true love ^^

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