[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.The Dust Bunny funeral

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2006-05-04 18:03:43
I grieve
For I killed two dust bunnies
Of the dust bunny mafia
I drowned them in the sink
O, I feel so down
For now the two mafias
They have lost their loved ones
Now they are out to get me
For I didn't know they were there

2007-05-08 bloody kisses: HAHA! That's really cute!

2007-05-08 Sabrina Catherine: yeah, my friend and I had this joke about the dust bunny mafia.... and one day in pe I accidentally drowned two mafia families kids.... so they were after me O.o

2008-04-11 AuroraLumos: XD That's funny I used to do that with my friend... it wasn't the mafia though it was something else.. I don't remember now ><

2008-04-11 Sabrina Catherine: lol sweet ^^;

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