[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.The Loving Rose

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2008-04-13 06:17:03
Love is like a black rose
It may seem pretty at first,
But then you hold it
Firmly in your hand
Then blood like tears pours
And there is no stopping it
The rose stays with you
No matter how far away you throw it
It always comes back to haunt you
But soon the wounds heal
And the rose is nothing
But a distant memory
Hidden in a dark corner of you mind
And soon a finely trimmed red rose
Makes his appearance before you
And though you may never forget
That rose which hurt you so much
May still reside deep with your memory
But it is nothing but that
A memory,
A learning experience
And you move on to your new rose
Now happy at its beauty
And the joy it brings you

2007-08-06 Jenna Rose: Lovely piece! Good job :)

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