[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.Harrison the Goblin

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2007-10-08 18:40:16
short story
There once was a grumpy blue Goblin named Harrison Link. He was fat, mean and hated humans. No one know the reason behind his hatred of humans, but some say, his mother was squashed by one, thinking her a bug. So he sook his revenge upon them by sliding down their drains and clogging them. He caused many a problem for them. But what he didn't know was they had developed a new machine: the garbage disposal. One day, someone had installed this garbage disposal, without Harrison knowing. He slid down, and that was the last anyone heard of Harrison Link, the blue goblin.

2007-10-08 Kiddalee: I like this one. Maybe you'll have to put another entry into Five Words, but could you keep this one separate?
  Oh, and by the way, I disagree that this is too short to be a paragraph. A paragraph doesn't have to be a set length. But I don't run the contest.
  Hey... wait a second... how could he slide down peoples' drains if he was big?

2007-10-08 Sabrina Catherine: big as in fat... sorry... and big for his type of goblin...

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