[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.The One

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2008-04-13 06:38:34
So many unexplained feelings
He fills my mind with thoughts
Mostly of anger and regret
Though the anger has no reason to exist
For it is toward him
And he did naught
I feel I took it on him
So as to make me feel better
But that is not the way to go
The regret is formed by this realization
Another feeling is confusion
Should I have ended it?
He was the only one who listened
I felt like he was the only one who cared
I could spend hours in his prescence
I loved his dark eyes
Though they always seemed to show sadness
Yet I felt like they understood me
Like they could gaze into mine
and see my pain
My sorrow
My hatred and anger...
I loved his arms
They were so warm and comforting
Their feeling as they wrapped themselves around me
They held me close to him
They made me feel safe
His warmth kept me warm
I felt his breath upon my neck
His cheek pressed to mine
His hands entangled with my hands
Forbbiden feelings coursed rapidly
My heart raced uncontrollably
Along with the thoughts
Whenever my mind is free to wander
They seem ready to race to him
I cannot believe this
But a part of me misses him
Even though I have heard he has lied to me
The beautiful words strung by his lips were false
When heard,
My heart shattered, and I lost hope...
Yet I still yearn for him
Whenever I have spare time
My mind is filled with thoughts of those hours
Of us
Of him
Tears well up into my eyes
The breath is held within me
And dreams and hopes yet again flow freely
Trying to hide in the dark corners
Of my blackened heart and mind

2006-08-18 iippo: I like this, especially the beginning. I can relate to it somewhat...

One typo in the stanza "I felot his breath upon my neck" - should be felt?

2006-08-21 Sabrina Catherine: thanks ^^

2007-12-14 Sabrina Catherine: OMFG! This poem is almost exactly like my ex as well! holy crap! I wrote this for a guy like 3 years ago! omfg!!!

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