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Kaimee's Writings.
My writings are divided into several straight forward categories, the main categories right now are:

5.Short stories - the majority of my work.
5.Contest Entries
5.Random Essays

In each of those categories you will find links to my writings. They've been filed in a way that makes sense to me, but if you find something you think should be in a different section, feel free to comment and tell me so.


Constructive crit or opinions are welcome, a lot of my work is vey abstracted and focused more on a concept than on characters or plot, which is why many take the form of a short story.
They're there to get the point or idea that's been floating in my mind hassling me for weeks across, not to entertain you or tell you about the wonderful Elf Warrior Princess Liridleuhaellaii ( or insert other unpronounceable "Elven" name here) who was kidnapped and is now on a quest...
No, my stories are about the way the inside of my mind works, not an epic adventure.
Sometimes the point is subtle, sometimes it's blunt, sometimes one is blunt and the other 80 are subtle or vice versa ;)
Never stop looking for overtones and ideas in my work, each contains millions, and therefore ideas on how to put something else in better, or firm up an idea are always welcome, comment away!

Don't Understand?

If you're having trouble getting the point, I'll be glad to discuss it with you but geez, please don't make me explain it. If you think you've figured something out, comment, if you think you've noticed something special, comment, if the story is making you think at all.. comment! I WANT TO KNOW! :P
Part of the fun is seeing who can read the meanings, and then the deeper meanings, and then better, best and most brilliant of all; who can actually follow these abstracted little stories and see them as an entire world, and who can read the meanings even I didn't spot?

Anyways, I'd love it if you'd rate and comment on my pieces, but I'd love it if you'd just bother to read them even more!They're all very very short so it shouldn't be too hard. ;)

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