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Kaimee  Writings  (5.Mixed Poetry&Prose.Erasth)

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Name: Kate Aimee C.


Made whilst in an angry state.

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I have had 1 piece featured on the Featured Writings.

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Allo, I'm definitely more interested in art than in writing (as I have discovered I am more talented at the one than the other :P) but I am a big reader and I officially volunteer myself to be bombarded with things to read and/or edit! :P
I have some short writings up if you wish to check them out, I'd appreciate it ^_^



Most of my writings are simple, fun entries in contests here on WC, but whatever they are, they can be found at 5, my writings page here on Writersco. Some writings can also be found at my little shelf in Wyvern's,

My Newest Writings

My newest writing is 5.Short stories.Spider

"You right love?”
A smile. A quick bite of pain and pretending, hollow
eyes and glimmering teeth in the dark.
I smile. “Yeah sure, just waiting”

5.Contest Entries.Grandmother, 2nd place in the War Diary contest. Please read it ^^
Also 5.Contest Entries.Desert Winds written for the Feb version of A Writing Competition.
5.Contest Entries.5 words won the Five Words contest, round II :)



Fav authors (today) are:
Dick Francis
Juliette Marillier
Elizabeth Moon
Orson Scott Card
Robin McKinely (and her husband!)
Helen DeWitt
Mercedes Lackey
Andre Norton
Jilly Cooper (ha)
Anne McCaffrey
Zenna Henderson
Guy Gavriel Kay





I'm sure that over time I will collect several billion wiki pages, but for now there is only... kaimee, where you will find any free-to-use graphics that I've made especially for use by you at Writersco.



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Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 22

Gender: female

Working/study place: Zoo Design

Place of living: ACT, Australia

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