[nameless]: 512.I'll fight for my life

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2006-06-15 18:35:44
I'll Fight for my Life

I sit here trying to hold back tears and vomit.
Not sure where the blood is coming from...
But I found a weakness in that Tyrant.
He cant get me anymore, I've got my freedom.

It started the same as any other.
A friend came over and I went to say hi.
"Get the Fuck out of my room", says the Tyrant.
I just stood there looking by.

"dont look at him" So I look him in the eye.
His anger flairs and grabs me by the neck.
I try to fight back, Knowing it's useless.
But then, I'm already down, so what the heck!

It seems that pain doesn't come...   when things are like that.
He likes hitting my head,
all that does is make it soft and leave marks.
I think he even tried throwing me onto my bed.

By then I'm fighting back.
Rolling with his punches,
and throwing some myself.
I try to flip him over, every time he hunches.

I'm flexible to slip under him when he tries to crush me.
'I can hold him back!' I almost shout out.
"I thought you were stronger, big brother?" I say, in taunt.
we struggle some more, in this insane bout.

He's over me, and I'm pinned...
I go for the cheap shot, I grab his little thing.
He grabs one of my drumsticks, but freezes mid-strike.
I threaten with, "You sure you wanna hit me? I can pull till you sing!"

His friend is there...   "It's not worth it man."
He seems to calm down.
I let go and he gets up...
He leaves my room, like a wounded hound.

Bump on my forhead and ringing in my ears,
they tell me I got beat pretty bad... (he's not that light)
But my hands say
I didn't go down, not without a fight!

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