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nameless  Writings  (My latest: 512.I'll fight for my life)

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Name: I have no name...


Me hitting the air snare...   oh yeah!  I sound a lot better on my set though...

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I am both a reader and a writer. I expect every good writer to be a good reader, or else, what are we writing for? I write things that suit my purpose. I usually write with a friend specifically in mind. My stories, I write them to help other people, or to reflect the way I feel about certain things. Sometimes, you just get the indescribable urge to put those things careening through your mind onto paper. or internet. Capture that image in your mind that way you can stop, and look at it, and appreciate it, instead of letting it fly away with the millions of other ideas that pass by seemingly unoticed at other times...  That is what I do. What I write. Why I write. It truly has made me a better person, and I recomend it to any person that reads from my works, and is inspired to write them selves. It is a lost art. this generation is degrading. help keep literature alive!

Heh heh...I'm prone to outbursts like that. thats what makes writing fun. I can have a character like my self and burst out as much aas possible. or I can make a cjaracter thats the complete opposite and have him look at my characters, and just have him be ok with the difference. or make a conflict to fill pages...    lol. wrting...   the fundamental outlet. great therapy. lol. gah...  I get so bored some times...  sometimes reading is the only thing that keeps me going. other then food and water and rest. I wish I coul dgo to an endless sleep. but to be able to come out of the sleep, not because you have to, but because you want to...   that takes courage. to face that world of light that you rather retreat into safety from. hrm... I might incorporate that into one of my stories some time soon...     hrm.

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