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2008-05-26 19:02:13
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Yellow would blind me, bind me, seize my heart up, and paralyze me from that moment on. From the instant I set eyes upon the mangled buttercups, crushed under the workboot heels, petals strewn upon the door step and into the kitchen beyond, I knew that there would be nothing inside but blood, crimson and shining. The doctors wondered why red didn’t get into my head and choke me the way golds, canary yellows, and mustards did. After all, one’s murdered husband doesn’t bleed the color of wheat or Rapunzel’s hair, but it’s harder to get rid of buttercup corpses.

2008-05-22 RiddleRose: i think you mean "workboot" not workbook.

2008-05-23 WordFlower: I love this! I was captured right from the first few words. Lovely work.

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