[pirate witch]: 524.Contest Entries.March Drabble

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2008-05-14 03:38:09
Her fingers are so blistered she can barely strike the matches, let alone light the wick. It’s been six or seven days and still no light has found its way through the grating. One candle stub. One box of matches. She’s had no food and only the rain water that runs down the stone wall behind her. The wax drips down the shortened candle but she ignores the burn and lifts the candle above her head, towards the gaping mouth of the dried up well. Above, an airplane screams across the sky, but the light never catches the pilot’s attention.

This one won first place in the community wide contest! Hoorah!

2008-03-12 AuroraLumos: wow. that's soo good O.o
I can't do prose XD but I try
heehee, jeez. I must stop drinking red bull. lol

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