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2008-05-19 01:59:36
Suicide Red - Of Lies

Vermillion, heat, needed touch, memories break into thought. Slamming, that touch, the hue of scarlet slapping my face – breaking, through the thought of peace. Ripping my mind to mighty brick flames and back – hard, tough, colour of brick – breaking, throwing, crawling inside of me. That needed touch brought scarlet to my cheeks with embarrassment before, now brick on my cheek with rage. Let me go. Don’t – stop touching me. Let. Me. Go. The black – no, fuzzy, grey as memory – sound of pounding feet echoing. Let. Me. Go.

Blood…splattering, all from my forearm. Cut – red suicide – no, I didn’t!…Scarlet…vermillion, black. Him.

2008-05-19 AuroraLumos: It's great ^_^ can feel everything that's going on, the colours come out really well and create a vid picture in my mind.

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