[PhoenixV]: 638.Hidden Confusion

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2008-02-24 02:39:23
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Floating in the dark abysmal depths of the void,
Silently the boy within me is being destroyed.
Crying out for someone to care about him.
Hoping they look at his actions and won't condemn,
Deny, forever abolish happiness from his eye.

The reflection in the mirror is not real.
It is only one more thing that he cannot feel.
Whatever he comes in contact with eventually quakes
Underneath the wakes of his own damned mistakes.
Trying to be the best of his own ability,
But not making the mark of a screwed up reality.

Crying out tears of misery and mindless confusion
Trying to make sense of his own illusory delusion
Confused and self-abused inside of his shell.
Perused by himself, trying to find where he fell.
Looking everywhere, but not finding a conclusion.

Wishing that everything made sense to him.
Hoping that everything won't stay grim.
He looks out towards the future to see
What are the options of what just could be
The main direction of the course of his life

No one will know until he finds out himself.

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